Putin: Trump Didn’t Meet Russian Prostitutes, But They Are the Best

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday brushed aside accusations in a recent discredited report that President-elect Donald Trump had once cavorted with prostitutes in Moscow. While doing so, however, he managed to plug the local sex trade.

Trump is “a grown man,” Putin said, according to Bloomberg News, “and secondly he’s someone who has been involved with beauty contests for many years and has met the most beautiful women in the world … I find it hard to believe that he rushed to some hotel to meet girls of loose morals, although ours are undoubtedly the best in the world.”

The allegations were contained in a “dossier” that had circulated for months in Beltway media without ever being substantiated, and which was published by Buzzfeed last week, along with the disclaimer: “It is not just unconfirmed: It includes some clear errors.”

Among the more salacious accusations was that Trump had hired several prostitutes to urinate on a bed in a Moscow hotel room where President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama had once spent the night. Trump angrily denied the claims in a press conference last week, and most media organizations cast doubt on their credibility. Russia also denied the accusations, including the suggestion that the Russian government had been colluding with the Trump campaign itself.

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