"Compare and Contrast, President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau" by Mike D

At a recent town hall meeting in Halifax, Prime Minister Trudeau alluded to the fact that he and President Elect Trump are similar in what they are doing. The reality could not be further from the truth. While President Elect Trump is in a tax cutting, job growing, and slashing needless spending mode, Prime Minister Trudeau is moving in exactly the opposite direction.

From the outset of his election, Pres. Trump has singlehandedly acquired more commitment from businesses to return to the United States, the creation of more jobs and investment in the American economy than anyone thought possible.   Prime Minister Trudeau, in a town hall meeting in Peterborough, Ontario served notice on investors and current businesses that he plans on phasing out the country’s most profitable natural resource sectors, oil.  Further his government’s implementation of a carbon tax, is going to drive business out of the country and also ensuring that no new business will ever come in, as they won’t be able to afford to operate.

As Pres. Trump calls for a tax cut for all, PM Trudeau is increasing tax on everyone.  Besides being hit with the carbon tax, and it is nothing more than a tax, Canadians are also taxed on this tax. Unbelievable a tax on tax.  Further PM Trudeau’s government is now looking to tax some of our small enjoyments, Netflix.  His government has also confirmed that they are now looking at imposing a tax upon medical and dental. Who knows what other tax will be in the February budget?

Pres. Trump has clearly signaling that feeding at the trough is over for many big business and foreign entities. PM Trudeau has taken the opposite approach and has been busy handing over so much money to other nations and international organizations that he must have carpel tunnel syndrome from signing cheques. If this was not bad enough, PM Trudeau has done the unthinkable.   He has taken a surplus budget that was left by the previous Conservative government, and has turned it into a 30 billion dollars deficit, which is expected to grow drastically during his remaining 3 year term. A large portion of this borrowed money has been doled out to many   international countries, the United Nations and other international organizations.  Some recipients have been Vietnamese farmers, house building in India etc.  How any of this is remotely connected to a return on investment for Canada is anyone’s guess.

A hugh concern for citizens of both nations is immigration.  While Pres Trump plans on curtailing Americas open border with Mexico, by building a wall, he also has stated that his government will be implementing stringent vetting of immigrants, for security reasons. PM Trudeau has no such plans.  His government plans on increasing immigration from Muslim nations.  For some reason our government is focusing on bring in more Muslims, and not necessarily from Syria as we were told, but from other areas.  Canada has no viable policy on vetting and is not planning on implementing any. 

Canada has now been cast into a future of uncertain. PM Trudeau agenda is not Canada’s agenda.  He is too committed to the agenda of the globalist and elites and Canadians are going to pay for this election mistake.

PR For Canadians