"Have You Got A License For That Stove!" by Mike D

The great political minds of the city of Montreal have taken environmental concerns to a whole new level.  So concerned with the environment is city council, that on August 18, 2016 they raised the bar of insanity by passing a bylaw requiring everyone in the city of Montreal to register all wood burning devices by December 22 or face very stiff fines. For those that fail to comply, fines range from first offense $100 to 500 all the way to third and subsequent offense where they can hit $4000.  Now I heard of registering motor vehicles, pets, bicycles, business, etc., but a wood burning device, is a new one.

Once again the average citizen is being forced to pay for the globalist agenda and the red hearing called climate change. Don’t feel convinced that this is a money grab, think back to 2015, in the same city, when city council approved the dumping of 8 billion liters of untreated raw sewage into the St. Lawrence River, and never paid a penny for the environmental impact that this caused. This action was sanctioned by the same Federal Liberal government, who today has imposed a carbon tax upon Canadians, and is slowly going to dismantle Canada’s oil fields. I guess it is easy to look the other way for friends.

While this current law is Quebec only, you can rest assured that environmentalist across the country will soon be on the band wagon nationwide to have this added to the liberal agenda. Justin’s phasing out program will soon include the forest sector with the oil fields.

Canadians need to wake up and organize against the globalist agenda, which lines their pockets and deprives us. Climate change is not a new phenomenon, the climate always changes, look at the ice age.  What is new is how governments have turned this natural occurring phenomenon into a gold mine for themselves and the elites.

The time is now to inform ourselves about the great hoax of climate change and resist the insane tactics that is ruining our country.