FLASHBACK - University of Alberta goes full retard on Batman


Frank Miller’s Batman is a fascist and you really shouldn’t cheer for him

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theatres now, and while its title sounds like something a lawyer would cite for precedent, this movie surely is much more exciting than that. The film matches up the two mega-heroes of DC Comics in what looks like a punching-based team-building exercise culminating in the Justice League’s formation.

Since they’re just fictional characters whose battle is really a gimmick cooked up to start a Justice League franchise that will bring DC some of that sweet, sweet Avengers money, it’s absurd to ask who would win. A more relevant question is: who should we cheer for so as to appear ethically superior to our friends and family? And the answer to that one is easy.

Not Batman.

Oh, I can hear the angry gnashing of teeth already. “Batman’s the best! He’s just a man like us!” I get it. You love Batman with or without the anatomically correct suit. I mean, even little kids don’t want to cheer for Superman.

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