Shifting Las Vegas massacre narrative has gamblers on edge


A shifting narrative about when officials at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino alerted cops before the worst mass shooting in US history has Las Vegas on edge. And now gamblers are wondering: are they rolling the dice with their own lives inside the city’s casinos?

Safety — security experts told The Post — is no sure thing.

“[Bad] things do go on,” according to a security executive who worked eight years at a major casino on the Strip. “Everything short of murder happens in these hotels every day . . . suicide, domestic violence, prostitution, drugs and cheating.”

He continued: “Few casinos have advanced active shooter training for their security teams.”

The mass shooting at Mandalay Bay took a turn not even the most trained security personnel could have anticipated. “Nobody thought of [a killer] breaking out the windows” to shoot at crowds 32 stories below, the executive said.

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