Saskatchewan man guilty of threatening Justin Trudeau in Facebook rants

REGINA — A Saskatchewan man has been found guilty of uttering threats against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after posting expletive−laden posts on Facebook saying Trudeau should be shot.

Christopher Hayes, 41, was fined $500 and given nine months of probation, which includes a ban on attending events with Trudeau. He is also prohibited from owning firearms for three years.

In a Facebook post on March 6, 2016, Hayes wrote: “Imma buot to go shoot this mother (expletive) dead.”

“And if the Canadian liberal voters won’t stand up for all fn Canadians and demand better conduct by the Trudeau government I’ll cut off the head if the snake myself and go down in the history books as the man who saves Canada,” the post continued.

On July 8, 2016, Hayes posted: “Am I going to kill JT? Nope. Physically harm the guy? Nope. I do think however he should be shot dead…. and I would personally thank the person who did kill him.”

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