Feminists and women’s rights activists have announced the follow up to the Women’s March on Washington: a “Women’s Strike” planned for March 8th, where women who oppose Donald Trump’s “misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic and racist policies” will stop doing chores, attending work, and even having sex with their partners in a show of how much women matter.

The idea, which took eight feminists to come up with, is that men and other assorted non-gendered partners should be made to feel what will happen when women become so oppressed that they disappear.

The strike, they say, is not just about Donald Trump, but about all men—and even collaborating women—who are contributing to the swift decline of women’s rights worldwide. “While Trump’s blatant misogyny was the immediate trigger for the huge response on 21 January, the attack on women (and all working people) long predates his administration.”

According to the manifesto, it isn’t even technically about women’s rights, or even reproductive rights—its an “intersectional” movement that bleeds over into all aspects of social justice. The struggle, they say, is “against male violence” and includes “opposition to the casualization of labor and wage inequality, while also opposing homophobia, transphobia and xenophobic immigration policies.”

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