Canada Objects to Liam Neeson’s Canadian Action Movie

Since “Taken”, people have been waiting quite long for a movie where Liam Neeson takes the bad guys on in action packed way. Their wait is finally over because “Hard Power” is in production. Though people are excited about the movie, some are trying very hard to stop the movie from premiering in their country.

In the movie, Liam Neeson is a snow-plow driver who is an honest working man. He gets into altercation with the area’s crime boss when his son is killed. The movie met with resistance when the Canadian parks service refused access for shooting in their area. The trouble here is within the movie’s plot where the movies villain is actually played by Tom Jackson who is a musician and First Nations actor.

According to Mark Royce, who is the movies location managers, they had called the park service for the location and were told that they would call us back after deciding with the other members. Later, they called us and asked, “Is the person who is playing the leader of the rival gang in this picture of First Nations?”. When Mark replied with a yes, they denied any access saying that they would not want to offend people with any kind of false depictions.

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