Canadian Forces stocking up on fentanyl ‘lozenges’

The Department of National Defence is in the market for 3,000 lozenges containingfentanyl, the powerful pain-killing opioid that — in its illicit street form — has been blamed for hundreds of overdose deaths across Canada.

The department issued a tender notice Thursday morning for 100 boxes of 30 “fentanyl citrate trans mucosal lozenges” to be delivered by Aug. 15, 2017.

There’s an optional top-up of 134 more boxes, and the contract extends to April 2021.

Each of the lozenges, which are also known colloquially as fentanyl ‘lollipops,’ will contain 800 micrograms of the drug in solid form.

They are placed in the mouth on the end of a short stick, and dissolve slowly to release the painkiller into the patient’s system.

“The fentanyl citrate trans mucosal lozenges are for use abroad on deployed operations,” confirmed DND spokesperson Jennifer Eckersley.

The department did not provide any additional details, but did confirm that the new drugs are being ordered to re-stock an existing supply.

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