Alley Cat Journalism

If you have ever watched an alley cat in action, you definitely can understand the connection between many of today’s MSM/Journalist and the alley cat. While the Alley cat scours the dark alley and gutter for food to survive, journalist scour the same areas for a race to the bottom, to see who can obtain the filthiest morsel of information, void of facts or consequences to report. Gutter journalism is the new norm. No longer viewed as reliable, citizens are turning to the high Tec world for alternate news sources and facts.

For the most part, President Trump is correct when he calls many of them “Fake News.”  But hold on America, you are not alone in this race to the bottom, as we in Canada are also seeing this play out every day in our state sponsored, and arguably state run media. News is no longer reported on the bases of the reality of what has happened or is occurring, rather it is narrated with seconds of sound bites, impressing upon the masses the agenda of the reporter and his network. For example in Canada at a town hall meeting with our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he was asked about the environment and the oilfields of Alberta. His response was that his government would not immediately close them down, but would be phasing them out over time.  Shock waves must have reverberated through the markets, as the leader of a country, with the 3rd largest oil reserves in the world, had just served notice we are closing up shop.  Common sense dictates that a statement this important would be headline news around the world, but that was not the case. Canadian media briefly covered this, void on mentioning the impact that such a statement will have on investment, or how it will affect the nation. The media instead looked to place a positive spin on the town hall, and like the Prime Minister has said, Sunny ways. But I guess when the government controls your purse strings, and doles out billions of dollars a year to your network(s), you have to play nice in the sand box.  Facts after all are subjective to the media and can ruin a nice story line. In the US Presidential election campaign, the media was front and center in obscuring a pesky little thing called facts.  In case after case, the size of crowds attending Candidate Trumps rallies was barely covered and downplayed.  The media hardly showed the mass crowds gathered outside of the event, or the individuals packed to the rafters inside where the events was being held. Instead they choose to cover the minority of protesters at the event, the way they were treated, and covered it as if it was a larger than life protest. The agenda was obvious, to serve the narrative that a vote from Trump was going to be a wasted vote, so come on and get on side with Hillary, everyone likes a winner.

MSM/Journalism has lost legitimacy. Without legitimacy they can no longer weather tough times. In response they have flipped to spinning stories with a grandiose plot more fitting of a fiction book then news. The raison d’etre, of journalism, as well as integrity of reporters of years gone by, such as Walter Cronkite, are now beholden to political agendas, corporations, special interest groups, and a quick buck.

Facts and balance reporting from most MSM is dead.  Luckily citizens of the world have the ability to fact check stories and that is devastating to many.  The once taken for granted attitude of “we are trusted,” is long gone. The public now discerns between balanced and bias reporting.  Time to come out from the alley and gutter and leave it to the creature of survival, the cat, because MSM is dying a slow death in the gutter.