"Re-Engineering of Canadian Values" by Mike D

Today the House of Commons took the first step in re-engineering Canadian values to appease a vocal Islamic minority in Canada.  Motion 103, raised by Liberal MP Iqra Khalid, of Mississauga, Ontario a new Member of Parliament and a recent new citizen of Canada passed 201 to 91.  The green light for Sharia Law, no go zones, special prayer services, censorship of media-removing any disparaging statements about Islam, and the granting of special status and protection to Islam has begun.

Facts and reality will now be replaced with shouts of racism, bigotry, and the threat of prosecution for anyone talking bad about Islam.  Rather than religion being accepted for what it is, an Ideology, a belief, or a philosophy, Islam has now been placed on a pedestal, looking down on all others.  Special status outside of the guarantees of the Constitution of Canada have just been added for Islam.

But this forced upon Canadian law, lacks legitimacy.  As polls show, and we know the governments watch polls, over 70% of Canadians are not in favor of this motion, but it was forced on us anyway. The importance of legitimacy is that laws with legitimacy are followed by the masses.  Murder, assaults, speeding laws, or basic traffic rules, these are followed because the masses believe that the law is for the benefit of all therefore it has legitimacy.  But Motion 103 is not like that, it serves only Islam.

There is a reality to Islam that this motion seeks to quell.  As we all know, Islam is the religion and Muslims are its follower.  Anyone can understand laws preventing people from tarnishing a group such as Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Hindu, etc. with cruel statements.  This affect the individual.  But Islam is not a person.  The reality of Islam and Muslims are clearly separated and evident every day in the media.  Everyone know that the vast majority of Muslims are good people. Just like every other race, Muslims have criminals amongst them. The real problem comes from what Motion 103 is trying to protect and that is Islam and the struggle it has within itself.  For example some Imam extremist preach death to non-believers, Jews, and many others in the mosque. They also treats women as less then human, allows pedophilia (through the marriage of kids to adults), and cite this is the way of Islam.  Unfortunately this portion of Islam is on a daily killing spree, violently murdering, attacking and resorting to a state of nature by vicious animalistic actions. Other portions of Islam do the opposite and oppose the extremist. Remember Islam kills more Muslims then any another group. Islam is at a juncture and a struggle from within, and todays passing of Motion 103 is a slap in the face to Moderate Islamic Muslims who have come here for a better life and to leave behind the oppressive ways.

Canadian need to be mindful of all these politicians who thumbed their noses at us and remember them on Election Day.  These politicians need to be targeted for defeat in any election.  They have made their choice, of siding with extremist ways against the Canadian people.

The following is a list of MP and how they voted on Motion 103. It was taken from the National Post dated March 23, 2017. If your MP name is not there,  they were either not in the house or abstained from the vote.

nay/ Aboultaif nay/ Albas nay/ Albrecht yea/ Aldag yea/ Alleslev nay/ Allison nay/ Ambrose yea/ Amos paired/pairé Anandasangaree nay/ Anderson nay/ Arnold yea/ Arseneault yea/ Arya yea/ Ashton yea/ Ayoub yea/ Bagnell nay/ Barlow nay/ Barsalou-Duval yea/ Baylis nay/ Beaulieu yea/ Beech yea/ Bennett yea/ Benson nay/ Bergen nay/ Bernier nay/ Berthold nay/ Bezan yea/ Bibeau yea/ Bittle yea/ Blaikie yea/ Blair nay/ Blaney (Bellechasse—Les Etchemins—Lévis) yea/ Blaney (North Island—Powell River) nay/ Block yea/ Boissonnault yea/ Bossio nay/ Boucher yea/ Boutin-Sweet nay/ Brassard yea/ Bratina yea/ Breton yea/ Brison yea/ Brosseau yea/ Caesar-Chavannes nay/ Calkins yea/ Cannings yea/ Caron yea/ Carr nay/ Carrie yea/ Casey (Charlottetown) yea/ Casey (Cumberland—Colchester) yea/ Chagger yea/ Champagne yea/ Chan yea/ Chen yea/ Chong yea/ Choquette yea/ Christopherson nay/ Clarke nay/ Clement nay/ Cooper yea/ Cormier yea/ Cullen yea/ Cuzner yea/ Dabrusin yea/ Damoff yea/ Davies yea/ DeCourcey nay/ Deltell yea/ Dhaliwal yea/ Dhillon yea/ Di Iorio nay/ Diotte nay/ Doherty yea/ Donnelly nay/ Dreeshen yea/ Drouin yea/ Dubourg yea/ Duguid yea/ Duncan (Edmonton Strathcona) yea/ Duncan (Etobicoke North) yea/ Dusseault yea/ Duvall yea/ Dzerowicz yea/ Easter nay/ Eglinski yea/ Ehsassi yea/ El-Khoury yea/ Ellis yea/ Erskine-Smith yea/ Eyking yea/ Eyolfson nay/ Falk nay/ Fast yea/ Fergus yea/ Fillmore nay/ Finley yea/ Finnigan yea/ Fisher yea/ Fonseca yea/ Fragiskatos yea/ Fraser (Central Nova) yea/ Fraser (West Nova) yea/ Freeland yea/ Fry yea/ Fuhr nay/ Gallant yea/ Garrison nay/ Généreux yea/ Gerretsen nay/ Gill nay/ Gladu nay/ Godin yea/ Goldsmith-Jones yea/ Goodale yea/ Gould nay/ Gourde yea/ Graham yea/ Grewal nay/ Harder yea/ Hardie yea/ Harvey yea/ Hehr nay/ Hoback yea/ Holland yea/ Housefather yea/ Hughes yea/ Hussen yea/ Hutchings yea/ Iacono nay/ Jeneroux yea/ Johns yea/ Joly yea/ Jones yea/ Jordan yea/ Jowhari yea/ Julian yea/ Kang nay/ Kelly nay/ Kent yea/ Khalid yea/ Khera nay/ Kitchen nay/ Kmiec yea/ Kwan nay/ Lake yea/ Lametti yea/ Lamoureux yea/ Lapointe yea/ Lauzon (Argenteuil—La Petite-Nation) nay/ Lauzon (Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry) nay/ Lebel yea/ LeBlanc yea/ Lebouthillier yea/ Lefebvre nay/ Leitch yea/ Lemieux yea/ Leslie yea/ Levitt nay/ Liepert yea/ Lightbound nay/ Lobb yea/ Lockhart yea/ Longfield yea/ Ludwig nay/ Lukiwski yea/ MacAulay (Cardigan) yea/ MacGregor nay/ MacKenzie yea/ MacKinnon (Gatineau) nay/ Maguire yea/ Malcolmson yea/ Maloney yea/ Massé (Avignon—La Mitis—Matane—Matapédia) yea/ Masse (Windsor West) yea/ Mathyssen yea/ May (Cambridge) yea/ May (Saanich—Gulf Islands) nay/ McCauley (Edmonton West) yea/ McCrimmon yea/ McDonald yea/ McGuinty yea/ McKay yea/ McKenna yea/ McKinnon (Coquitlam—Port Coquitlam) nay/ McLeod (Kamloops—Thompson—Cariboo) yea/ McLeod (Northwest Territories) yea/ Mendès yea/ Mendicino yea/ Miller (Ville-Marie—Le Sud-Ouest—Île-des-Soeurs) yea/ Monsef paired/pairé Moore yea/ Morrissey nay/ Motz yea/ Mulcair yea/ Murray yea/ Nantel yea/ Nassif nay/ Nater yea/ Nault nay/ Nicholson yea/ O’Connell yea/ Oliphant yea/ Oliver yea/ O’Regan nay/ O’Toole yea/ Ouellette yea/ Paradis nay/ Paul-Hus nay/ Pauzé yea/ Peschisolido yea/ Peterson yea/ Petitpas Taylor yea/ Philpott yea/ Picard nay/ Poilievre yea/ Poissant yea/ Quach yea/ Qualtrough yea/ Rankin yea/ Ratansi nay/ Reid nay/ Rempel nay/ Richards yea/ Rioux nay/ Ritz yea/ Robillard yea/ Rodriguez yea/ Romanado yea/ Rota yea/ Rudd yea/ Ruimy yea/ Rusnak yea/ Sahota yea/ Saini yea/ Sajjan yea/ Sangha yea/ Sansoucy yea/ Sarai nay/ Saroya yea/ Scarpaleggia nay/ Scheer yea/ Schiefke nay/ Schmale yea/ Schulte yea/ Serré yea/ Sgro yea/ Sheehan nay/ Shields nay/ Shipley yea/ Sidhu (Brampton South) yea/ Sidhu (Mission—Matsqui—Fraser Canyon) yea/ Simms nay/ Sopuck yea/ Sorbara nay/ Sorenson yea/ Spengemann yea/ Stanton nay/ Ste-Marie yea/ Stetski yea/ Stewart nay/ Strahl nay/ Stubbs nay/ Sweet yea/ Tabbara yea/ Tan yea/ Tassi nay/ Tilson yea/ Tootoo nay/ Trost yea/ Trudel nay/ Van Kesteren nay/ Van Loan yea/ Vandal yea/ Vandenbeld yea/ Vaughan nay/ Vecchio nay/ Viersen yea/ Virani nay/ Wagantall nay/ Warawa nay/ Warkentin nay/ Waugh nay/ Webber yea/ Weir yea/ Whalen yea/ Wilkinson yea/ Wilson-Raybould nay/ Wong yea/ Wrzesnewskyj yea/ Young nay/ Yurdiga yea/ Zahid nay/ Zimmer

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