Bassam Al-Rawi, Halifax Cabbie Acquitted In Sex Assault, Is Victim Of Racism: Lawyer

HALIFAX — The defence lawyer for a Halifax cabbie who was acquitted of sexual assault in a decision that has drawn a storm of public criticism says his client is an innocent man who is being pilloried unfairly and racially stereotyped.

Luke Craggs says in an emailed news release that 40-year-old Bassam Al-Rawi was found not guilty by Judge Gregory Lenehan for legitimate reasons, including a lack of forensic evidence of sexual activity.

"Many persons have loudly vilified Mr. Al-Rawi. Those most eager to vilify Mr. Al-Rawi seem to be the least eager to gather accurate information,'' Craggs said in his release Monday evening.

Craggs said that a large portion of public discussion has perpetrated the "grotesque stereotype'' that Al-Rawi's Arab race and Muslim religion mean he is prone to sexually assault a vulnerable woman.

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