Wisconsin Dairy Farms Think that Canadian Government has signaled a Trade War after Latest Actions

Dairy farms in Wisconsin think that the Canadian Government is waging a trade war with them, due to the new dairy policy that has been passed. It has put dairy farmers in Wisconsin under a lot of stress, as around 75 of the farmers in Wisconsin got letters from the company that purchases milk from them, Grassland. The later stated that the sales would end due to the Canadian policy, which has removed demand for American milk.

This threatens  significant impact on the livelihood of farmers, and will end up derailing the agricultural community. This is because it will also impact other industries in the near future as well, which are closely tied to the agricultural community.

There have been other farms that have also gotten the same letter, and the National Milk Producers Federation claims that Canadian officials are promising processes a much lower price if they start buying milk straight from Canadian dairy farmers. This is definitely a well thought out plan to undermine farmers and get producers to stop purchasing American milk.

Farmers are under pressure because they will have to strike new deals with processors, before the end of the month, as they need to find buyers for the milk they’re regularly producing. If they don’t manage to find them, then they will have to start dumping the milk, and some have even considered selling their cows.

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