Photos showing ‘Batman’ getting pulled over by Calgary police delight social media users

Online posts showing “Batman” and his custom Batmobile getting pulled over by Calgary police officers have earned great reviews on social media Tuesday.

“This made my daughter’s day,” Deena M Bell wrote. “Her exact words were: ‘So he is real.’”

“I saw this guy on Macleod Trail down by Canyon Meadows,” Denise Leong Eckert wrote. “Thought I was seeing things. This is awesome.”

A profile under the name Holybatman initially posted the photos Monday night, with the below status:

“I met two officers / the real heroes. I want to thank the Calgary police and all that you do for the community. Maybe next time we can carpool. Oh wait I only have two seats.”

The Calgary Police Service shared the photos of officers posing with Batman on its official Facebook page and Twitter account Tuesday:

Officer – “Good morning sir, name please?”
Driver – “I’m BATMAN! ”
Officer – “What are you?”
Driver – “I’m whatever #Calgary needs me to be.”
Officer – “Is this your vehicle?”
Driver – “Yes, it’s the Batmobile.”
Officer – “Very good, Sir!”

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