Sale, Sale, Sale, Everything Must go!!!! by Mike D

 By now Canadians are starting to get the picture that Justin’s Liberal Government is not working on behalf of Canadians, rather for the globalist. The days of our National Government investing in our country, maintaining a surplus, tax-breaks for middle income families, and placing Canadians first, is now over.  Everything is up for sale, sky the limit, pleasing the globalist is the priority.  As taxpayers our role is simple, don’t complain, comply and keep paying.

Canada elected a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Usurping the wishes and powers of parliament by manipulating the democratic process to turn democracy on itself is his action plan.  The dismantling and rolling back of democracy has begun, and the globalist could not be happier with Justin loyalty to them.

Canadians missed the cry of the wolf, when in campaigning for the Prime Minister’s job, Justin talked about incurring a debt, rather than maintain the previous government’s policy of a surplus. Justin told Canadians that his government planned to borrow 10 billion dollars per year, over four years, and that money was going to be used to stimulate the economy and job growth.  After all he said money was cheap to borrow, so why not?  But in secret Justin already had other plans for all this money, and Canada did not figure into it. What Canadians have witnessed, is that billions of dollars that were borrowed, was given away to other nations, agendas, and let’s not forget the master globalists at the United Nations.  Canadians are receiving zero return on investment, instead a debt that will haunt us for many decades. It will not be until 2055 before Canadians see another surplus.

The next step came in the passing of Motion 103. This motion limits free speech, and places Islam as a priority in Canadian law, over all other religions. Although polls showed that 70% of Canadians were opposed to it, the government went ahead and had it passed. The agenda of destroying our democracy is more important, after all it gives government more power and control.

The latest attack on our democracy comes in what they are calling Parliamentary reform.  If you think parliament was dysfunctional before watch out.  There first step in this process is to limit debate in the house and committee.  Limiting debate robs Canadians of a voice and ensures closure to force any agenda through.  Next comes the real slippery and slimy part of politics.  The liberals are now looking to make their work week only four days, with every Friday off.  I am sure hard working Canadians appreciate this disgusting move.   Also to strictly control and protect Justin, they are also proposing that Justin only has to appear once a week in the house of common to answer questions for the 45 minutes during question period.  Now I know many Canadians will be upset with the way the Liberals are governing, but they do not want to hear about it.  To protect their egos and ensure they only hear positive messages, they are looking at creating a new law for Harassment of MP’s only.  I guess the current criminal harassment laws that we have to live with are not strong enough for their liking. So in the future if an elected and accountable MP feels his feelings have been hurt, he can cry Harassment.  How sweet, now just like Islam they will have their own specific law for themselves.

To liberals nothing is sacred or beyond reproach.  Our rights that we once cherished are being eroded all to appease the globalist. Justin’s yard sale continues.