"Kim Jung-Un Last Stand" by Mike D

While threats and intimidation may have worked in the past for North Korea, that ship has now sailed.  Current threats of; all out nuclear war, the eradication of South Korea, nuclear ICBM attacks on America, missle strikes on Japan, as well as the new threat of weekly missile test, are now being taken more seriously then at any other time in history. North Korea’s proclamation of advancement in nuclear and rocket capability, be they true or not, have reached an apex that the world is no longer willing to chance . American resolve could not be stronger, as Kim Jung-Un  has just made his last stand.

As successive administrations entertained the manipulation by North Korea, granting them both materialistic and financial concessions in exchange for putting aside their nuclear ambition, North Korea graciously accepted but silently continued with its nuclear plans. Mastering the art of manipulation, every year they would raise their head and rattle the world again with nuclear claims and rocket test, again gaining favors for empty promises. All the international community was able to accomplish was the postponement of the inevitable, and today we find ourselves at dateline inevitable.

It is obvious now that North Korea is on a go it alone path. Nations such as Russia and China, major supporters of North Korea have been unsuccessful in de-escalating the nuclear crises.  What once would have been a great military alliance against the west, has now turned into a nightmare for them. A megalomaniac un-nerved by the concept of mutual destructability, something that kept the cold war parties in check, is lost on him. Negotiation are long pass the point of effectiveness.

What the world is now faced with is a potential nuclear conflict, that is sure to occur if North Korea is not dealt with. With America and her allies as the recipients of threats, the task falls to America to neutralise the problem, as all else has failed.  Realising the gravity of the situation, I am willing to bet that privately Russia and China agree that Kim Jung-Un must go.  Their recent posturing militarly is simply to protect their interest keeping the Korea’s divided after Kim Jung-Un is gone. China’s 200000 plus troops on the boarder is there to quickly move into North Korea if an American attack comes and Kim is removed. This is to  ensure primarly that North Korea remains as is, with a new puppet installed, and secondly to ensure that the North Korean military will be restrained from an all out war, giving both the Americans and Chinese a win win situation.

Kim Jung-Un will not go peacefully so options are necessary.  A limited decapitation of the leadership including it military is the best choice.  This is were China come in capable of restraining and ensuring stability. Secondly a  less favorable position would be strategic military strikes on his nuclear program, but the megalomaniac remains.  

Decision time is around the corner, and the safest bet for a limited armed conflict resides with the decapitation of leadership plan. While publically the mantra is to give negotiations another chance, realistically 20 plus years of this cat and mouse game has been a failure, time to spring the trap.