Canadian Airport Employees Investigated For Visiting ISIS Websites and Showing Signs of Radicalization

The anti-Islamophobia motion has brought a wave of peace for Canadian Muslims. Canada has taken steps towards erasing racism amongst Canadians even though polls say they didn’t want it.

However, things aren’t as sunny as they seem. A team of journalist revealed in the JE program at TVA network how they had been working with the Canadian police when some of the employees at Montreal–Trudeau International airport showed signs of radicalization.

The investigation was carried out on four employees, amongst which two of them no longer work at the airport and the other two have been reassigned. The former two were deemed mentally unstable and their security cards were revoked. Amongst the two reassigned, one has access to planes and runaways.

His browser history showed that he regularly visited ISIS websites and had acquired documentation and books on assault weapons.

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