Surrey Creep Catcher president Ryan LaForge arrested for assault, group claims

The president of Surrey Creep Catcher, a group that claims to expose people they allege are child sexual predators, has been arrested, according to a message posted to the group’s Facebook page on Monday night.

The post claimed members of the group were confronting a man they allege was trying to meet a six-year-old girl and her mother. A video posted on the Surrey Creep Catcher page shows LaForge shoving a man against a wall and using profane language.

Creep Catcher Nicole Hunter said the alleged pedophile was arrested and then LaForge was taken into custody for assault.

Police have not confirmed the arrests.

Creep Catchers is a loose collection of organizations across Canada that claim to expose people they allege are child sexual predators by posing online as minors before meeting in person to film and berate their targets.

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