Trudeau Says Canadian ISIS Supporters Have The Right To Defend Their Freedom

Several staff at the Trudeau international airport in Montreal lost their security clearance due to radicalization and support for the Islamic State.

ISIS has influenced many people, and from Canadians to be stripped from their security clearance while working at a major Canadian airport that’s named after Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, is a bad thing, something that could lead to disaster and major safety issue for Canada.

One of the employees had access to the runway directly, the investigation found that videos of ISIS has been shared and promoted from their social media accounts.

The radicalized employee who still works there hasn’t been fired or taken into custody, he’s been given a new job at the same airport, but this time he can’t get access to the runway, is that justified? Or can Canadians feel safe now?

Justin Trudeau responded to the story and said everyone has the right to their freedom.

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