Vast Majority of Canadians Can’t Afford To Lose $200 Or They’ll Be Broke

The Canadian economy is being highlighted and discussed by nearly everyone, but no one is really talking about the numbers. It is all about the change in GDP, and the unemployment rate, but the numbers are extremely important when talking about the economy. They tell the real story, but the current establishment doesn’t want the Canadian people looking into the numbers, because if you look deeply into the numbers, they will show you that the Canadian economy is broken.

This isn’t just an overreaction, Ipsos reported in a survey that nearly 50% Canadians will not be able to meet debt obligations, and will be unable to pay their monthly bills if their income was reduced by $200 or more. This shows the amount of room that Canadian people have in this economy, as even a slight shift is going to see half the population file for bankruptcy. You can lose $200 uncertainly in a variety of different ways, whether it is through a car repair, or a job loss for a family that is already struggling. It could mean financial ruin for millions of people.

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