Banned driver back, but NASCAR says no to marijuana-like sponsor

KANSAS CITY, Kansas — If you’re trying to make a return to Cup racing for the first time since NASCAR fined you a couple hundred grand almost a decade ago, and you don’t have much financial backing, well, you might be tempted to take sponsor money from wherever it comes.

Even a medical marijuana-like company.

Carl Long, last seen in a Cup race way back in 2009, before NASCAR fined him $200,000, rolled into Kansas Speedway Friday with very little funding, even less sleep and an interesting sponsor on the hood of his race car: Veedverks.

What is Veedverks? Well, it’s hard to know exactly, since the company’s “About Us” page reads like this:

We all see the world from a different perspective, but few experience the view afforded to us from the control cabin of our mighty rigid airship.  We grace the Rocky Mountain skyline with our powerful and elegant dirigible.  The hum of our powerful engines comforts the world below with the sound of freedom.  The sun sets on the foothills as we cast a fading shadow over the Mile High city.

The Denver-based company’s products include Indica, Sativa and Hybrid “experiences” that, according to testimonials on their website, are great for bad backs, so draw your own conclusions.