RCMP Bullying, Harassment Mean Major Shakeup Needed, Watchdog Says

OTTAWA — Bullying and harassment remain serious problems within the RCMP, and only major changes to the way the national police force is run will make a difference, says a national watchdog.

In a report today, the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP says the force lacks both the will and the capacity to address the challenges that afflict its workplaces.

The commission urges the federal government to usher in civilian governance or oversight for the paramilitary-style police force.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale ordered the commission report to see if the RCMP had properly acted on commission recommendations made in 2013. At the time, the watchdog said the Mounties must take swift and effective action to reassure both members and the public.

The RCMP introduced new harassment policies and processes in 2014 aimed at promptly dealing with workplace conflict before it escalates.

The latest report, however, says the vast majority of complaints under the new policies involve allegations that managers abused their authority. These included accusations of abusive language, such as "you're dirt," "people here don't like you" and "nobody wants to work with you."

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