Ontario man given three tickets by ‘the smoke police’ for having a cigarette alone in his SUV

LONDON, Ont. — Harry Kraemer knows darn well that smoking isn’t good for you but it’s a 60-year habit he doesn’t want to break.

The 76-year-old owner of Sparkles Cleaning Service is a healthy guy who loves a puff or two when he’s alone, sometimes at home with the windows open in his rec room or in his Porsche SUV, minding his own business and away from others who could breathe in his second-hand fumes.

What he doesn’t like are those he calls “the smoke police,” the Smoke-Free Ontario enforcement officers who he believes have placed a no-smoking sign as a target on his back.

The provincial anti-smoking laws set out stringent rules banning smoking in enclosed workplaces, enclosed public places, outdoor patios and vehicles where children are passengers and other spaces to protect people from second-hand smoke.

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