Muslim woman demands Trudeau opens borders for going through hardship after crossing illegally into Quebec

Many Muslim Syrians and radical leftists fled the Donald Trump Presidency and entered Canada illegally since the election, and now demand are coming after they realize grass isn’t greener on the other side.

Via CBC:

Zain Alabdullah, who fled Syria and crossed into Quebec two months ago, is calling on the Canadian government to open its borders and give status to asylum seekers.

Speaking in Arabic, Alabdullah told CBC she left her home in Aleppo, where she’d been held as a political detainee, and went first to the United States.

Zain Alabdullah spoke ahead of a protest march in Cote-des-Neiges, with Jessica Attar (left) translating from Arabic to English. (CBC)

While there, she continued to struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder, terrified that she’d be deported and sent back to Syria.

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