"Burning Down The American Dream" by Stefanie MacWilliams

The American Dream. The American Dream.  The words themselves – just to think them, or to write them – strike my heart. My soul, even. With all of the thousands of words, and the determination of a writer, I’m still not sure I can explain it right. As an outsider, a Canadian, who was raised with no such reverence for my own country, let alone for the United States, I find so much of my passion lays in protecting the nation of America. And, more than that, in protecting the idea of America.

Tomorrow, I will be waking up in the quiet hours of the morning, driving a couple of hours to the aiport, and hopping on a plane to America. The last time I got to go, I had a week in the land of the free. This time, I get to spend twice as long. In particular, I will get to enjoy the Fourth of July on American soil.

I have ‘Merica on the mind – and as usual, when my mind gets caught up on something, I end up pondering deeper truths.

Earlier this week, I recorded a podcast, and the host and I had a chance to talk about what America means to me as an “outsider”. Last night, on an episode of Halsey Live, the topic of how I viewed America came up yet again. Halsey (my business partner and the host of the eponymous Halsey Live) told me something about myself that I had never put in to words. And, being a person who knows me extremely well, he got it right.

I see America as an idea.

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