Ontario to change child support law to give adult children with disabilities access to support

The provincial government will table an amendment to Ontario’s Family Law Act this fall to give adult children with disabilities access to child support, Torstar News Service has learned.

The move comes in the wake of a provincial court decision Friday that ruled the law unconstitutional after a Brampton single mother’s fight to win child support for her 22-year-old disabled son.

“The Ontario government will be moving forward with an amendment to include adult children with disabilities in the Family Law Act, to essentially mirror the federal Divorce Act,” said the government source, who added the province has been working on the change since last fall.

“As soon as the house is sitting again, we will be able to table an amendment to the bill,” the source said.

In his precedent-setting decision, Justice William Sullivan agreed with Robyn Coates that Ontario’s Family Law Act discriminates against adult children with disabilities because it denies them access to child support.

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