Woman with same address as spa harassed by customers

A woman who has the same address as a massage spa with a history of prostitution arrests says that she is constantly harassed by potential customers.

Kimberly Perez says that she has been getting mysterious visitors at her Denville home ever since she moved in back in 2015.

“They’re always men. Varieties of men, from college kids to scrawny, scruffy-looking gross men,” she says.

Perez says that all the men say they are there for a massage.

“I’m like, ‘There’s no massage here. You’re at the wrong address,’” she says.

Perez says that after so many men showed up at her door, she decided to do some research online and found that her address of 317 West Main St., a section of Route 46, is the same address of a massage spa a little more than 2 miles away.

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