Man tied to $1K reward for recordings of Muslim students praying now faces hate crime charge

Peel police have charged Kevin J. Johnston of Mississauga, Ont., with promoting hatred against an identifiable group in connection with a YouTube video offering a $1,000 reward for recordings of Muslim students during prayer.

Police said they arrested Johnston on Monday and charged the 45-year-old with one count of wilful promotion of hatred as per the Criminal Code of Canada after receiving consent from the Ontario attorney general's office.

The charge follows "numerous incidents reported to police" involving Johnston, police said, and "concerns over information published on various social media sites."

The investigation took place over a five-month period, said Sgt. Josh Colley. It wasn't tied to one specific incident, he said, but rather "multiple incidents that the investigators were looking at."

"Ultimately, they prepared information and provided that to the attorney general's office," Colley said. "This charge here is one of the very few that requires the attorney general's consent."

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