Fake fact check site Snopes circling the drain

To hear Snopes tell it, the popular fact-checking website may be in its death spiral amid a legal row with an “outside vendor.”

But to hear from the other side is to learn about a contentious ownership model, in a story that is at odds with the one told by the popular fact-checking website.

Snopes calls itself the “oldest and largest fact-checking site on the internet”; it is regularly cited as a key source to counter rumours and fake news online.

But despite the website’s important position on the internet, Snopes founder David Mikkelson has warned that it is at risk of shutting down, creating a GoFundMe page seeking half a million dollars in an effort to keep it running.

On the page, a letter attributed to the Snopes team claims that the site has been “cut off from our historic source of advertising income,” and that it’s “in danger of shuttering” without the money.

The GoFundMe campaign has raised $319,194 toward its goal.

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