Quebec man aiming for legal squirrel hunt

Squirrel meat could soon be on the menu in Quebec if a Montreal university student succeeds in his quest to make it legal to hunt the furry rodents.

Martin Poirier has started a petition to convince the provincial government that adding squirrels to its list of game animals isn’t such a nutty idea.

Poirier, 21, points out it’s already legal in many provinces and that Quebec allows the killing of other small game such as rabbits, marmots, raccoons, pigeons and quail.

“Grey and red squirrels are native species in our territory, they’re healthy and the population isn’t in danger,” he said.

“There’s really no reason why it shouldn’t be allowed.”

In the petition, he argues legalizing the hunt would benefit the province by giving new hunters an easier and cheaper way to get started.

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