These 9 maps show where Canada’s illegal drugs are coming from

Fentanyl originating from China, heroin sent from east Africa, and anabolic steroids from Moldova. Documents obtained by Global News show where these illegal drugs and more are being trafficked from.

A 2016 Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) “drug analysis report,” obtained under access to information legislation, offers a larger picture of how illegal drugs are arriving in Canada.

The documents also offer a look at how the scourge of fentanyl and synthetic drugs like GBL (the precursor for date rape drug GHB), which mainly originate from China, have increased dramatically since 2014. The report notes that outbound drug seizures are included in the final numbers and in some cases the “transit” category may also refer to origin countries in some instances.

And while the opioid crisis continues to spread across Canada, the seizures of other drugs like cocaine and opium have also quietly increased in recent years.

Here are nine maps that show where and how illegal drugs are flowing into Canada.