ANTIFA-The Threat From Within


Just when you thought crop circles were an unexplained mystique, hold on, they are now being eclipsed by a greater phenomenon known as “HISTORICAL STATUES.” Over night, throughout the land, statues began to appeared, and for the first time citizens, mostly millennials, began to noticed them. “Where have they come from? Who put them here?” could be heard throughout the land. As fear and outrage began to spread, millennials started to band together as a force, like in the movie “Red Dawn,” to form their own group of wolverines, to fight this evil phenomenon. Their goal was simple, destroy, and remove all statues before they spread or infect people.  But unbeknownst to the millennials, the statutes had already morphed into offensive signs , names of roads, schools, public buildings and infected many citizens, as they had came out to protect these statutes. “How will we ever be able to organize and defeat these things?” Luckily for the millennials, news sources had previously reported on a man by the name of Soros, who through one of his organizations called “Tides Foundation,” had previous experiencein organizing and financing millennials for other causes. Thanks to the skills of Soros, skills that he acquired as a young Nazi, an army of millennials, all dressed in black clothing, with a flag and clubs, started to appear whereverstatutes and rallies were found. Attacking in packs, these millennials, began swing clubs, tearing down statues and driving everyone away from them. This group became known as ANTIFA.

ANTIFA has modeled itself after the fascist “Black-Shirts” of Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s SS. Just like the Black-Shirts of yesteryears, these thugs seek to advance a political agenda through violence. Morality, ethical and democratic value are nowhere on their radar. Ironically they attempt to fool others, by claiming to be antifascist.  They have even produced a flag which states “ANTIFASCICT ACTION.”

To keep true to its fascist roots, their flag uses the colors of black and red, which is reminiscent of the evils of fascist, Nazi and other violent racist groups. Attacks on civil society, the machinery of state, Police, bystanders and anyone who has an opinion others then theirs, is fair game. This left wing group is nothing short of a terrorist organization.

ANTIFA has been sold a bill of goods, that American society under President Trump is evil. The advancement of the globalist agenda as well as the new world order has convinced these millennials that the only way forward is through a liberal agenda. The republic is under attack from within, and this group of terrorist need to be quelled. The hatred that is being displayed across the United States is an attempt to take down the Presidency of Donald Trump, a President who was elected by the people. America need to stand strong against these fascist, failure to do so will result in the destruction of the United States as it exists.