Justin Trudeau Doesn't Have Advice For Canadian Pot Smokers Travelling To U.S.


The prime minister gave no advice for Canadians on Tuesday on what they should say to U.S. border guards if they're asked, "Have you ever smoked weed?"

The question, prefaced with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's own past use of marijuana, garnered some laughs by reporters gathered in Ottawa's National Press Theatre.

Trudeau, who was scheduled to fly to New York City later in the day to attend the United Nations General Assembly, responded by touching on the topic of Syrian refugees and asylum seekers.

"One of the things that I think Canadians appreciate is that we don't let other countries or other leaders dictate who or how we let people into our country," he said, making mention of Canada's "strong and rigorous immigration system."

He mentioned how Canada and the U.S. are sovereign nations before moving onto another topic.

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