No Doctor On This Earth Could Bring Trudeau's Campaign Back To Life.


By Peyton Smith-Staff Writer

October 2, 2019

-Americanuck Radio

Hopelessly floundering in his bid for reelection, Justin Trudeau went out seeking official sanction for his proposed gun buyback, aka confiscation plan.

Rather than meeting with firearm-industry professionals who are on the front lines of promoting safe and responsible firearm use by millions of Canadians, he instead threw a campaign shindig last Monday in Toronto which was attended by doctors and other health professionals, ostensibly to talk about criminal violence with guns.

Never mind that the doctors present wished to talk about confronting all of the violence, and resultant pain and carnage caused by illegal guns in the hands of lawless criminals and gang members.

Criminals break laws, that is why they are called criminals.

All that mattered to Trudeau was promoting his liberty-stripping insanity, directed at Canadian gun owners who already obey a myriad of stringent gun laws, including restricted PAL holders who are heavily vetted, and scrutinized.

As he held court, Trudeau said “These are the things that people are calling for”.

Perhaps that might be true of his pink haired “peoplekind”, but there are many Canadians who believe in rights and freedoms, including the right to self defense, and the freedom to own the means towards that end.

It is the latter, rather than the former, who see right through the feeble charade.

Trudeau went on, saying “[These] are concrete actions, not just statements of urgency, because we recognize the public health emergency that gun violence is becoming, as highlighted by these [health] professionals.”

He should have called these doctors “campaign props”, as that is their only serviceable purpose to him.

As Trudeau urgently tried to use them to lend credence to his own madness,  he also hopes that enough uninformed voters won’t see through it all.

When all is said and done, maybe Trudeau thinks that his multi billion dollar free pharmacare will eventually make a sizeable majority of Canadians low information voters, who won’t be asking troubling questions, such as:

-In the 50 years that it has been legal in Canada, has the AR-15 established a grisly history as a crime gun?

-Can a semi-automatic AR-15, with a pinned five round magazine, seriously be considered a “military-style assault weapon?

-Why has violent crime surged so much since the Liberals took office?

-Is the current opioid crisis in Canada a bigger public health emergency than lawfully owned and used AR-15’s?

I can imagine some of his responses to those questions, in the most low T voice possible:

“Don’t worry about the freedom to keep and bear arms.”

“You’ll be on government pharmaceuticals, and stoned into compliance.”

“Just sit back and enjoy the sunny ways.”

While there is always a segment of the voting public that will lap up desperate Liberal demagoguery, and free meds,  there is also an army of Canadians waiting to put a stop to Trudeau’s crazy train on October 21st.

They are Canadians who fully realize that a gun ban doesn’t so much target their gear, but it does indeed target them. A gun can’t go to jail if it isn’t turned in, but the gun owner will.

These patriots won’t be turning out later this month month to ask a question of Trudeau, but they will be holding him accountable for every last one of his assaults against their freedom, and liberties therein.

And they will help vote him-socks and all-out of office.