EXCLUSIVE: Ottawa cuts reimbursements for military health care, hospitals on the hook for millions

By Mercedes Stephenson and Amanda Connolly

October 8, 2019

-Global News

The federal government has quietly rolled back what it pays hospitals to take care of military members, according to multiple sources.

Global News has confirmed with sources within the military, provincial and federal governments that Ottawa made major changes this spring to the fees it reimburses to hospitals when they provide health care to military members – and that’s leading to fears some members could be denied health care services.

Under the Canada Health Act and provincial health acts, members of the military are not eligible for public health coverage under provincial plans.

Instead, the federal government is constitutionally responsible for providing comparable medical care to all members, although more advanced medical care like surgery or MRIs is provided at the same hospitals used by civilians.

The military then reimburses the cost of providing those services to the hospital.