The Dark Side of Social Justice: Someone Must Lose

By Peyton Smith

Edited by Dave Bross

One of the dirty, little secrets of the pious social justice warrior (SJW) movement is that when “justice” is delivered by the “sentries of sanctimony” it is intended to penalize a targeted group or individual using public shame and mockery. There must always be a clearly defined winner and loser, whether or not the accusation by the SJW is accurate.

The most recent example of this SJW bullying is the latest Left-wing, media-driven near mass hysteria following the release of a partial video of MAGA hat-wearing students from Kentucky’s Covington Catholic High School, who participated in the annual March For Life in Washington, D.C.

By now, most people have viewed this video. In the brief, two-minute clip that took the Internet by storm, SJWs (and their accomplices in the “main stream media”) attempted to craft a false narrative that the largely white group of students were caught in the act of: racism. And, as such, the group must be globally shamed and the students punished by school administrators.

However, the emergence of a long-form video of the same encounter in front of the Lincoln Memorial tells a completely different story of what really occurred. It shows the encounter in its complete, truthful context. What we all learned is that the students were berated and harassed by a group of racist thugs, who call themselves Black Hebrew Israelites.

These “Israelites” claimed to be protected by "angels," and said they felt safe from the high schoolers but, of course, their safety was never in doubt since these kids were non-violent and non-aggressive. They were waiting at the steps of the memorial for their tour buses to take them back home to the Blue Grass State.

So what drove the SJWs and their media toadies to erupt in such virtue signaling? The answer is easy: The incident stemmed from the irrational hatred for President Trump… the president who beat their heir-apparent to the presidency Hillary Clinton. This was a continuation of the post-election temper tantrum that has pushed SJWs to the edge of reason and sanity.

Deranged individuals like the Black Hebrew Israelites see no difference between red MAGA hats and white Ku Klux Klan hoods. It is also part of the long-held SJW racist belief that white people in America should be held responsible for the transgressions of their ancestors. Slavery, often referred to as America’s “original sin,” continues to echo through the centuries as special interest groups have learned that stoking the racist fire turbo charges fundraising efforts and drives people to the polls out of anger and grievance.

Sadly, the long-form video clip that made the headlines, is a microcosm of a larger schism that exists across the American political landscape in 2019.

What we do know is the high school students handled themselves well against the attack waged against them by the SJWs and the media. And, incredibly, “Jim Crow” seems to alive and well in 2019, especially in the Mainstream media, when a white, high schooler is branded a racist, simply for smiling in the face of an antagonist – an American Indian protester banging a drum and chanting.

This confrontation had nothing to do with the March for Life and everything to do with a SJW movement that feels emboldened by recent American election successes and their hysterical hatred for President Trump. This is a movement that is looking to display prominently as many Right-wing scalps on its “Justice Platter” as it can. In SJW parlance: Someone must lose.

In their world, in order for justice to be served, the Covington kids must lose... one way or another. There is no such thing as a binary choice in “SJW Land” only absolute truths as defined by their mob.

As a society, we must learn from the mistakes of the past, one of which is putting the content of one’s character above the color of one’s skin. (Thank you, Dr. King.) This nation can heal if destructive and divisive criminalization on the basis of skin color can be overcome – in both directions. Whether this happens in our lifetime, or through the hard work made by future generations, it is a goal worthy of our continued attention and dedication.

As a white man who is proud of my heritage, proud of this country and proud of my President… I make an effort to listen to the concerns and opinions of minorities. I listen, but I’ve grown weary from the anti-white rhetoric – racist claims -- that seems to be the standard arguments advanced by the SJWs and the media. Remember: In SJW World, their side must win, unconditionally, on every issue and at every time.

This racist onslaught from SJWs often can breed resentment and a potential backlash from whites across America. And this is alarming as it is totally avoidable. But if it is my confession of guilt that they want, I have nothing to confess. If it is my "privilege" they want, I have none to offer or surrender. If it is an apology they demand, I shall refuse. And I am happy that the Covington students have done the same and not apologized for something they did not do.

Former President Barrack Obama was famous – infamous – for undertaking multiple “apology tours” around the world and throughout the country. He loved to apologize for America's past, which included everything from slavery to old Jim Crow laws, to the past treatment of Native Americans. Sadly, these actions by the former chief executive appear to have fueled racial divisions here in 2019 as well as blatant hatred that was directed at the Covington students.

Thankfully that type of rhetoric no longer is emanating from the White House with the election of President Trump. But for our neighbors in Canada, they are in the full throes of hyper political correctness stemming from the election of Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Like Obama, Trudeau believes that white people alive today must be held responsible for Canada's past wrongdoing and must pay for the perceived mistakes of their forebearers. As an example, Trudeau often cites the past treatment of indigenous people in Canada’s Residential Schools.

I belive that white people of Canada have been thrown under the bus with the Prime Minister's embrace of reconciliation with indigenous peoples, through the creation of a National Council for Reconciliation. And, in doing so, providing an abject “apology council” like the Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC), a national forum.

One particularly disturbing facet of this reconciliation scheme is economic, where many white-owned businesses are forced to either employ certain percentages of indigenous people or have a certain percentage of indigenous stakeholders. A failure to do so could result in the forfeiture of contracts and extreme economic hardship for white-owned businesses, who must now put race ahead of qualifications in their hiring processes in order to survive.

This is nothing more than social justice warriors weaponizing affirmative action and a continued propagation of the racist notion that in order for justice to be achieved someone must lose. White business owners in the Alberta oilpatch have been impacted directly by this “(in)justice.” Even with the patch being but a fraction of the economic force it once was, native- and indigenous-owned businesses are doing quite well, with more operators prioritizing them for contracts.

In this blind pursuit of so-called reconciliation, once successful white-owned businesses now must reconcile themselves to a future where they either must capitulate (and hire on the basis of race) or slowly go out of business. The end result of all of this will only breed further division and economic hardship. And while Canada’s SJW prime minister approves of such policies, it is the Canadian wage earner – the forgotten men and women of Canada – who lose.

Whites, as well as minorities and indigenous people, must unite in the belief that striving for a just society is a winning proposition for all people both in the United

States and in Canada. Responding to the injustices of the past with new injustices in the present will not heal current wounds.

Fortunately, there is a place at the table for all of us, both in Canada and in the United States, but it must be earned through hard work and merit. Government should exist to guarantee equal opportunity for all and avoid the SJW call for guaranteed outcomes for all.

The SJW temptation to assign “winner” and “loser” labels in society is a recipe for disaster for any society. And, besides, what segment of a population would happily accept being labeled a “loser” by the justice warriors? The easy answer is: none.

So just as skin color is an immutable fact, so is the ability for all of us to reach for the sky and collectively realize the potential we all possess. It is my hope that encouragement toward that end will ultimately restore the respect, dignity and humanity that we all deserve… regardless of hue. Unlike the “loser” mantra of the social justice warriors. This, my fellow patriots, is called: “winning.