No Submission to Justin Trudeau's Gun Ban Mission

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Peyton Smith-Americanuck Radio

Edited by Dave Bross

Guns have been possessed by Americans since before the revolution.
They were a tool to assure survival in the new world and a guarantor
against a tyrannical English monarch.

Many American patriots who took up arms in the struggle for
independence carried what would have been considered “military-style”
firearms. The British forces who ordered 200 militiamen at Lexington to
throw down their arms, in a clear attempt at confiscation, led to the battle of
Lexington and so began the long, hard, colonial struggle for American

Indeed, the American Revolution can be viewed as a revolution against
British gun control.

Thankfully, the United States now has a president with a very firm grasp of
how this nation was founded and forged. President Trump has been a
friend and ally of law-abiding gun owners in the United States and the
Second Amendment.

Had he not been elected, things would have been much worse for all
freedom-loving, pro-Second Amendment Americans. Even though our
freedom to keep and bear arms remains intact, American gun owners must
still remain vigilant, as our founding documents are still threatened by
Progressives looking to re-interpret and re-write (if not eliminate) the
Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) have
promised “executive action” on gun control, beginning with a national gun
registry. Indeed, had Democrat Hillary Clinton won the 2016 presidential
election, civilian model AR-15s could have been banned.

My fellow patriots, that nightmarish American scenario could soon become
a reality north of the 49th parallel.

It is no secret that the Canadian Liberal Party relishes banning the AR-15,
through an order-in-council, which would have to be approved by Prime
Minister Justin Trudeau’s appointed Governor General of Canada, Julie

Last December, Bill Blair, Liberal MP and Minister of Border Security and
Organized Crime Reduction, said that the Liberal Party is looking at all
”options” on gun violence, including a ban. Of course, he ignores the fact
that an AR-15 has never been used in any mass shooting in Canada.

Instead, Canada’s Liberal government is using the massacre in New
Zealand not only to strip lawful Canadians of their liberty and freedom, but
also to score political points -- and votes -- from the radical left in Canada.
They are hoping that Canadians will succumb to the Christchurch hysteria
and Leftist fear mongering. Luckily, we’ve seen this playbook before.

One scenario had Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rolling out a ban
on the AR-15 at the “Women Deliver” conference in Vancouver B.C., while
standing alongside the gun banning empress herself, New Zealand PM
Jacinda Adhern.

Trudeau could buttress his “feminist” credentials by following in the gun
control footsteps of such a “courageous” female leader as Adhern. This is
yet another example of Trudeau’s impulse to “lead from behind.”

However, the “when” and “where” are not the central issues in Canada’s
gun control debate. If the Liberals go through with this, then they will waste
valuable resources trying to enforce the ban. These are resources that
could be used to invest in Canada in order to improve the economic lives of
the forgotten men and women of Canada.

Recent estimates put the total number of AR-15s in Canada at somewhere
between 66,000 - 86,000, but the total number is most likely higher, due to
a recent boom in sales in anticipation of a possible firearm ban being

Currently in Canada, each firearm costs roughly $1,600 (CAD) per rifle. In
comparison, the price tag for a nationwide gun buyback could soar into
the upper nine figure range. However, no matter what tactic is used by
Canadian Liberals we can be sure that they will use every tactic in their bag
of tricks to achieve their heavy-handed confiscation fantasy.

Expect law-abiding, tax paying Canadian gun owners across the country to
mount a stiff resistance against the draconian gun control aims of wild-eyed Utopian Liberals. The majority of Canadian gun owners will never allow themselves to be compelled by Ottawa to relinquish (or sell) their liberty, freedom and the right to self-defense.