"Demography and the Populists Destiny."


By Matt Bracken

-NAVY S.E.A.L, Author, Infowars contributor

"Americanness vastly exceeds whiteness as the core unifying characteristic for our nation’s people. That’s not to say civic nationalism in a diverse society is easy."

Wow, where did Antle pick up his extra-strength rose-colored glasses?

Demography is destiny. The DemSoc party knows exactly what it's doing by mass-importing millions of illiterate 3rd-worlders who don't know or care what a constitution is. The formula was tested and proven in California and is now being carried out in every state. Remember, in the 90s Prop 187 and Pete Wilson won in Cali on a hard no benefits for illegals line, but the will of the Californians was aborted by a federal judge, and the illegal alien stampede was on. Now Cali is a one-party DemSoc state with no chance of ever returning to the GOP. Once Texas and/or Florida flip in a presidential election, it will be game-set-match as the 3rd-world floodgates are opened even wider, with a fast and easy path to citizenship for all comers. And they are coming for the benefits, not the constitution, so who do think they will vote for?

The party that promises the endless party, and free entry via chain migration to everybody back in their old home town.
Here is the winning DemSoc formula:

Open Borders
+Sanctuary Cities
+DLs for Illegals
+Motor Voter Laws
+No Voter ID Laws
=Calizuela X 50
=Permanent one-party DemSoc rule across the entire USA.