In NYC the Term 'Illegal Alien' Can Cost You $250,000

Michael Cutler

Published:October 11, 2019


The September 26, 2019 edition of the Washington Times included an article, NYC bans calling someone an 'illegal alien' or threatening to contact ICE that began with the following excerpt:

New York City has made it against the law to call someone an “illegal alien” or threaten them by calling immigration officials on them.

Before we consider the attack on the First Amendment that protects our freedoms of expression to guarantee freedom of thought by the increasingly radicalized Democrats of New York City, we must consider how we have come to this point where our political “leaders” and the mainstream media have, in essence, become the “Ministry of Truth” that is found in Orwell’s novel, “1984.” In that novel of a terrifying dystopia future, the Ministry of Truthformulated propaganda and administered the expansion of Newspeak, and was backed up by the Thought Police.


Trudeau took 'unprecedented' step by wearing bulletproof vest: RCMP sources

Ashley Burke, Mark Gollom

Published:October 13, 2019


Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau took an "unprecedented" step by wearing a bulletproof vest at a campaign rally in response to a security threat, say two veteran RCMP sources.

The sources, who are familiar with the operations of the prime minister's personal security detail, told CBC News they've seen leaders wear body armour in other countries, but not Canada. 

It's also unprecedented to have a heavily armed tactical team in plain sight around Trudeau, they said. Normally those highly trained RCMP members are covert, not out in the open at campaign events, the sources said. 

On Saturday, Trudeau's scheduled appearance at a rally of 2,000 supporters in Mississauga was delayed by 90 minutes and featured a much heavier security detail once he took the stage.


Embattled Kurds Cut Deal With Assad; US to Pull Back Another 1,000 Troops From N. Syria

Patrick Goodenough

October 13, 2019


Amid reports that Syrian Kurdish leaders have struck a deal with the Assad regime to help confront Turkey’s military onslaught, Defense Secretary Mark Esper confirmed Sunday that the U.S. was withdrawing 1,000 U.S. troops from northern Syria, to prevent them from being “caught between two opposing advancing armies.”


Seattle Public Schools Are Breeding Illogical Fools


By Peyton Smith-Staff Writer

October 12, 2019

-Americanuck Radio

Hurriedly getting kids prepared for an adulthood of victim mentality, the Seattle Public School(SPS) system has-essentially- established a system of removing logic from the math curriculum it currently offers high school students.

They just as well go the whole hog-throw the baby out with the bathwater- and completely eliminate math, if they are not to appear completely paradoxical in their reasoning, and insane in their motives.

Why is this?

It is because math is logic.

But what might be the incentive of removing logic from a math curriculum?

A frightening answer could be that-in doing so- it is easier to convince students of their own stupidity.

And that math is “racist”.


The Seattle public schools have created a framework to protect children from racist and “oppressive mathematical practices.”

A document made public by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction includes the findings of an “Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee [which] was created by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) as mandated by the 2019 Legislature (SB 5023) to identify and make available ethnic studies materials and resources for use in grades seven through twelve.”

Included in this report is the “Seattle Public Schools Math ES [Ethnic Studies] Framework” that is so woke it devolves into gibberish. In no particular order, here are some of the highlights:

What is my mathematical identity?

1.How important is it to be Right? What is Right? Says Who?

2.What does it mean to make a mistake? In the classroom? In my home? In my community?

3.How do we derive mathematical truth?

4.Who holds power in a mathematical classroom?

5.Is there a place for power and authority in a math classroom?

6.Who gets to say if the answer is right?

7.Who is Smart? Who is not Smart?

8.Can you recognize and name oppressive mathematical practices in your experience?

9.Why/how does data-driven processes prevent liberation?

10.How is math manipulated to allow inequality and oppression to exist?

11.Who is doing the oppression?

12.Who does the oppression protect?

13.[E]xplain how math and technology and/or science are connected and how technology and/or science have been and continues to be used to oppress and marginalize people and communities of color

 14.Power and oppression, as defined by ethnic studies, are the ways in which individuals and groups define mathematical knowledge so as to see “Western” mathematics as the only legitimate expression of mathematical identity and intelligence. This definition of legitimacy is then used to disenfranchise people and communities of color. This erases the historical contributions of people and communities of color.

This is nothing short of toying with-and ruining-the minds of children, as well as a textbook definition of child abuse.  Not only is this hideous “framework” a discouragement to real achievement, but it also sets the stage for the students exposed to it to become grown-up addicts to governmental control over every aspect of their lives.

Children will be convinced that they are inferior, and incapable of realizing their own future potential, without the benevolent help of big brother.

They will grow to be nothing more than indoctrinated cogs in the machine.

Hopefully parents-especially those with very young children-will be convinced to keep them out of Seattle Public Schools, and safe from this kind of lunacy.

Whether it be at home, or at private school-should the means exist-our children deserve to be taught well, and to not be weaponized through the perversion of their curriculum.


Because common decency-and logic-says so.

EXCLUSIVE: Internet Abuzz – Schiff’s Ukrainian Hoax Linked to Members of Obama’s NSC Including Eric Ciaramella and Charles Kupchan

by Joe Hoft

October 11, 2019

-The Gateway Pundit


The Deep State is doing all they can to damage President Trump before news comes out about the many criminal acts by the Obama Administration, the Democrat Party, the Deep State, Global Elites and the corrupt mainstream media.

The Deep State’s latest act is called either ‘Russia.2’ or ‘Ukraine Collusion Hoax’.  In their latest effort to remove the President, the lying Adam Schiff speaking for all Democrats declared that a CIA ‘whistleblower’ had dirt on President Trump concerning his phone call with the newly elected Ukrainian President.

In spite of the President releasing the transcript from the call that shows no wrongdoing, Representative Schiff lied about what was on the call and is moving forward with an unconstitutional impeachment based on his and the so-called ‘whistleblower’s’ lies.

Lying Schiff won’t tell us who the individual is who claimed the President said something on his call with the Ukraine that the President clearly did not say.  There was nothing wrong with the call.

Now Schiff wants us to just believe an individual who wants to stay anonymous who already has been proven false.  The Democrats truly are evil and nuts.


Vatican Synod on Amazon Proposes Recognition of ‘Ecological Sins’

Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D

Published:October 9, 2019


ROME — Participants in the Vatican synod on the Amazon region proposed adding “sins against the environment” to lists of traditionally recognized sins in their second day of discussions and deliberations.

Synod fathers called for an “ecological conversion” that would allow people to see “the gravity of sins against the environment as sins against God, against our neighbour, and against future generations,” Vatican News reported Wednesday.

“This would imply a need to produce and spread more widely a theological literature that would include ‘ecological sins’ alongside traditional sins,” the report stated.

The working document of the Amazon Synod frames the entire question of the Church’s renewal in the region in terms of the environment, proposing “New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology.”

In order to be “ever more synodal,” the Church must listen “to the peoples and to the earth by coming into contact with the abundant reality of an Amazon full of life and wisdom but also of contrasts,” the text states.

“It continues with the cry that is provoked by destructive deforestation and extractivist activities and that demands an integral ecological conversion,” it says.


Apologetic Syrian Family Closes Restaurant after Son took part in Antifa protest

by Candice Malcolm

Published:October 8, 2019

-True North

A Syrian family whose son is part of the violent anarchist group “antifa” has closed its restaurant Soufi’s in Toronto’s West Queen West neighbourhood. 

On Tuesday, the windows were covered up and signs were plastered on the outside of the building informing customers that they were closing their doors permanently. The Alsoufi family who owned and operated the restaurant could be seen sitting inside, but refused to comment or speak to True North. 

“As a result of numerous hate messages and death threats we’ve received over the past week, we’ve decided to permanently close our shop,” the sign read, without providing any details about these alleged threats or whether they had reported them to Police. 

“Since we opened up Soufi’s in 2017, we have been met with nothing but curiosity, respect, acceptance and love from the people of Toronto, and for that we are eternally grateful.”


EXCLUSIVE: Ottawa cuts reimbursements for military health care, hospitals on the hook for millions

By Mercedes Stephenson and Amanda Connolly

October 8, 2019

-Global News

The federal government has quietly rolled back what it pays hospitals to take care of military members, according to multiple sources.

Global News has confirmed with sources within the military, provincial and federal governments that Ottawa made major changes this spring to the fees it reimburses to hospitals when they provide health care to military members – and that’s leading to fears some members could be denied health care services.

Under the Canada Health Act and provincial health acts, members of the military are not eligible for public health coverage under provincial plans.

Instead, the federal government is constitutionally responsible for providing comparable medical care to all members, although more advanced medical care like surgery or MRIs is provided at the same hospitals used by civilians.

The military then reimburses the cost of providing those services to the hospital.


U.S. Marines reserve units activated for “emergency within the United States” which “will come with little warning” – cites “threats in the Homeland”

by: Mike Adams

Published: October 6, 2019

-Natural News

(Natural News) BREAKING NEWS UPDATE concerning a directive involving the United States Marine Corps reserve units via MARADMINS number 550/19, signed on Oct. 3, 2019, authorized by Brigadier General Daniel L. Shipley, Director, Manpower Plans and Policy.

Notably, Brigadier General Daniel L. Shipley was nominated by President Trump for the rank of major general, according to a Jan. 16, 2019 press announcement. Before serving in his current role, Shipley served as the deputy director, Program Analysis and Evaluation, Department of Programs and Resources for the U.S. Marines.

This new order is summarized as, “MARINES ORDERED TO ACTIVE DUTY ISO DEFENSE SUPPORT OF CIVIL AUTHORITIES.” (The term “ISO” means In Support Of.”) (See full text of the order here.)

Note: There is disinfo being circulated about this order, claiming it was cancelled, but the cancelled order is 300/14, not 500/19. In fact, this new order 500/19 replaces a lot of previous orders, reestablishing the urgency of the situation and making sure any action to defend the Homeland is authorized by orders that are in good standing.


DOJ IG Report on FISA Abuse to be Released in Two Weeks

by Cristina Laila

October 6, 2019

-The Gateway Pundit

The Justice Department’s Inspector General is expected to release his report on FISA abuse in the next two weeks.

Fox News “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo said Sunday morning that IG Michael Horowitz is expected to release his report on FISA abuse in a two week time frame.

Obama’s corrupt DOJ and FBI defrauded the FISA court using a phony Russia dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton in order to spy on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

According to the two-page FISA memo released by House Intelligence member Devin Nunes, Hillary Clinton’s phony dossier played a central role in obtaining a FISA warrant and 3 subsequent renewals on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.

In fact, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said under oath that but not for the dossier, the FBI would have never sought a FISA warrant on Carter Page.


What the White House needs to know about rising veteran suicide numbers

by Jeremy Butler

October 6, 2019

-Washington Examiner

The Department of Veterans Affairs recently reported that a shocking 21 veterans died by suicide each day in 2017.

This is an increase from the previous figure: “only” 20 veterans a day took their own lives in 2016. The problem is even more acute, however, because the total population of veterans in the United States decreased by 2% over the same year. These numbers prompt reflection and, of course, sadness. But I am also angry.

Just hours before the VA released this number, I was at the White House providing advice to a new task force: the “President's Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End the National Tragedy of Suicide,” which goes by the acronym PREVENTS. As we gathered so that experts in veterans issues could provide important feedback to this administration’s marquee program for addressing the veteran suicide epidemic, these new numbers never came up. No mention was made of this report even as we were doing our best to inform Administration efforts.


Biden Says His Son's Ukraine Business Dealings Weren't a 'Conflict of Interest' While He Was VP

By Nicholas Ballasy

October 4, 2019

-PJ Media

Former Vice President Joe Biden, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, said his son's work for an energy company in Ukraine while he was serving as former President Obama's vice president was "not a conflict of interest."

Hunter Biden was reportedly paid $50,000 per month for serving on the board of directors of Burisma Holdings in Ukraine.

"There's been no indication of any conflict of interest in Ukraine or anywhere else, period. I'm not going to respond to that. Let's focus on the problem – focus on this man, what he's doing, that no president has ever done, no president," Biden said in Los Angeles on Friday.

Biden said Trump mentioned him and his son during the call with the Ukrainian president because he "doesn't want to run against me."


Jim Jordan – Volker Hearing: “Nothing Supported Adam Schiff and Impeachment Narrative”…

by sundance

October 3, 2019

-The Conservative Treehouse

Judiciary member and ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, Jim Jordan, outlined the House Intelligence Committee testimony today from Kurt Volker, the former State Department Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations. “Nothing said today supported Adam Schiff and the democrats’ impeachment narrative. Nothing”

Additionally, John Roberts (Fox News) is confirming the White House will send a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying the administration will not comply with any demands from congressional investigators until the full House votes to launch an impeachment inquiry.


No Doctor On This Earth Could Bring Trudeau's Campaign Back To Life.


By Peyton Smith-Staff Writer

October 2, 2019

-Americanuck Radio

Hopelessly floundering in his bid for reelection, Justin Trudeau went out seeking official sanction for his proposed gun buyback, aka confiscation plan.

Rather than meeting with firearm-industry professionals who are on the front lines of promoting safe and responsible firearm use by millions of Canadians, he instead threw a campaign shindig last Monday in Toronto which was attended by doctors and other health professionals, ostensibly to talk about criminal violence with guns.

Never mind that the doctors present wished to talk about confronting all of the violence, and resultant pain and carnage caused by illegal guns in the hands of lawless criminals and gang members.

Criminals break laws, that is why they are called criminals.

All that mattered to Trudeau was promoting his liberty-stripping insanity, directed at Canadian gun owners who already obey a myriad of stringent gun laws, including restricted PAL holders who are heavily vetted, and scrutinized.

As he held court, Trudeau said “These are the things that people are calling for”.

Perhaps that might be true of his pink haired “peoplekind”, but there are many Canadians who believe in rights and freedoms, including the right to self defense, and the freedom to own the means towards that end.

It is the latter, rather than the former, who see right through the feeble charade.

Trudeau went on, saying “[These] are concrete actions, not just statements of urgency, because we recognize the public health emergency that gun violence is becoming, as highlighted by these [health] professionals.”

He should have called these doctors “campaign props”, as that is their only serviceable purpose to him.

As Trudeau urgently tried to use them to lend credence to his own madness,  he also hopes that enough uninformed voters won’t see through it all.

When all is said and done, maybe Trudeau thinks that his multi billion dollar free pharmacare will eventually make a sizeable majority of Canadians low information voters, who won’t be asking troubling questions, such as:

-In the 50 years that it has been legal in Canada, has the AR-15 established a grisly history as a crime gun?

-Can a semi-automatic AR-15, with a pinned five round magazine, seriously be considered a “military-style assault weapon?

-Why has violent crime surged so much since the Liberals took office?

-Is the current opioid crisis in Canada a bigger public health emergency than lawfully owned and used AR-15’s?

I can imagine some of his responses to those questions, in the most low T voice possible:

“Don’t worry about the freedom to keep and bear arms.”

“You’ll be on government pharmaceuticals, and stoned into compliance.”

“Just sit back and enjoy the sunny ways.”

While there is always a segment of the voting public that will lap up desperate Liberal demagoguery, and free meds,  there is also an army of Canadians waiting to put a stop to Trudeau’s crazy train on October 21st.

They are Canadians who fully realize that a gun ban doesn’t so much target their gear, but it does indeed target them. A gun can’t go to jail if it isn’t turned in, but the gun owner will.

These patriots won’t be turning out later this month month to ask a question of Trudeau, but they will be holding him accountable for every last one of his assaults against their freedom, and liberties therein.

And they will help vote him-socks and all-out of office.

A Deep Cleansing of the Deep State Is Coming

by Brandon J. Weichert

October 2, 2019

-The American Spectator

First, it is likely that President Donald Trump violated some cockamamie administrative rule when he recently spoke with the new Ukrainian president about the potential corrupt dealings of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, in Ukraine. Fine. Can’t Trump just pay a fine or something? Yes, he should’ve been more careful (and he needs to tell Rudy Giuliani to calm down, as the former mayor risks perjuring himself before not one, but three Congressional committees). What Trump did was the equivalent of going 15 mph over the speed limit in rural Georgia: it happens. Rarely does anyone notice. Ignorance is still not a viable legal defense. But, usually, the state is lenient, given that the violation is minor.

More importantly, though, can we not acknowledge, that — charges of “whataboutism” notwithstanding — what Trump did was nowhere near as bad as what his predecessor, the sainted Barack Obama, blatantly did to Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign?

What few appear capable of acknowledging is that former President Obama and his loyalists engaged in a government-wide conspiracy to besmirch, delegitimize, and ultimately destroy Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and, later, his presidency. Due to the outright fabrications of Obama’s intelligence officials regarding purported collusion between President Trump and Russian intelligence during the 2016 campaign, a variety of Trump campaign workers effectively had their lives ruined, and the president’s agenda was stunted — depriving the voters of the policies they voted in favor of.


A little creepy? Russian company starts mass production of humanoid robots that can look like you

October 1, 2019


A Russian startup has launched serial production of unique life-like robots that not only look the way you want and mimic facial expressions, but are also able to work for you.

Based in the Russian city of Perm, Promobot says its humanoid bots, called Android Robo-C, can replace humans in the office and even at home. The android can answer people’s questions in shopping centers and museums, be an administrator or an office employee, and greet visitors and communicate with them, according to the maker. However, it won’t be working much longer than a human – its battery only lasts eight hours before it needs to be re-charged.

“This is the first humanoid android in the world that not only mimics the human appearance, but is also able to integrate into business processes. We have already created one prototype, and now we will release a series,” co-founder and development director of the robot-making firm, Oleg Kivokurtsev, told TASS.


Antifa Harasses and Screams at an Elderly Woman with a Walker

by Nick Arama

September 30, 2019

-Red State

Many, including President Donald Trump, believe that Antifa are basically domestic terrorists.

Antifa showed exactly why some people think that during a free speech event at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Canada with Canadian People’s Party politician Maxime Bernier and Dave Rubin of the Rubin Report.

From CBC:

A large crowd of about 100 protesters decrying the event stood outside with signs advocating for immigrant rights and yelling chants denouncing those entering, comparing them to Nazis and neo-Nazis. Supporters of the People’s Party — some wearing “Make America Great Again” hats — stood behind police and engaged with some of the protesters verbally for about an hour.


When voters head to the polls in the West, many of them will be angry: experts

The Canadian Press

Stephanie Taylor

September 29, 2019

-National Post

REGINA — A rising tide of western alienation may rally Conservative voters in Alberta, Saskatchewan and parts of British Columbia, but political watchers say they don’t expect it to make a big splash in the election elsewhere in the country.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and Saskatchewan’s Scott Moe have been steadfast and vocal critics of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau over his government’s energy policies — from the carbon tax to a federal law that overhauls how major energy projects are assessed.

They’ve made pipelines, and the seemingly endless struggle to build them, the focal point in their fight.

The anger in the region has led to rallies, convoys, anti-Liberal billboards, a pro-oil and gas clothing line and some talk of separation.

“I’ve honestly never felt so … not even under-appreciated, just like completely ignored,” says Sarah Leguee, a grain farmer in southeastern Saskatchewan. “It seems like any time we, you know, say something, we just get labelled as racists, as bigots.

“I’ve just never been so frustrated with the government in my entire life.”


Justin Trudeau, the Instagram Prime Minister, Struggles to Resonate with Young Voters

By Dan Bilefsky and Ian Austen

September 28, 2019

-New York Times

MONTREAL — Four years ago Emmanuel Amoussa, a chemistry student, voted for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, drawn by what he saw as a young progressive leader whose policies on climate change and immigration resonated with him and other members of his generation.

This time, though, Mr. Amoussa, who is now 22 and studies at the Université de Montréal, won’t be voting for Mr. Trudeau’s Liberal Party. Disappointed by the prime minister’s environmental policies and put off by recent revelations that he dressed in brownface 18 years ago, Mr. Amoussa said he planned to vote for the Green Party.

“In the last election Justin Trudeau seemed like a real change, but he has let me down,” Mr. Amoussa said this week during a lunch break from classes.

Mr. Trudeau swept to power in 2015, in part thanks to enthusiastic support from young people. But analysts said he could lose the election this time around if disenchanted young voters like Mr. Amoussa stay at home on Election Day, or split the vote by turning to another left-leaning party like the Greens or the New Democratic Party.


Terence Corcoran: Net-zero carbon is a big nothing — nobody has a clue how to achieve it

Terence Corcoran

September 27, 2019

-Financial Post

As the United Nation’s Climate Panic Summit Week winds down with a big school-board-sanctioned student climate holiday in Canada, the world’s people get on with their lives unchanged — and the world’s governments will mostly stick with the status quo. Nothing much happened at the summit, and it’s difficult to imagine how the radical carbon transformation they want will ever be implemented.

The next UN climate event is in Chile in December, but Chile is merely warm-up hype for the 26th Congress of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow 2020. That’s when the world’s climate bureaucrats, politicians and green CEOs will join 30,000 attendees in an attempt to renew the big target they set in Paris in 2015: Net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The two-week Glasgow event opens Nov. 9, 2020, six days after the U.S. election, providing more reason to doubt the net-zero carbon target will rise above the policy status it now enjoys as a meaningless talking point and policy mantra.